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Special stage with K-pop star “Seoul Girls Collection Fashion Show”

Special stage with K-pop star “Seoul Girls Collection Fashion Show”

LEESLE participated in the Seoul Girls Collection held on September 24,2016.
The Seoul Girls Collection is a new concept show that combines the stage of top-rated K-pop stars with fashion shows. This year, got7, 2pm, MAMMAMOO, b1a4, etc., heated up the stage.

LEESLE, with 2016 F/W season theme “wardrobe in the woods,” colored blue sky between the green deep woods on the runway. A wide range of styling had brought out the wide appeal of LEESLE that is matched and layered with ready-to-wear clothes. Many visitors from various countries participated in this event, and particularly those from China, Japan, Indonesia and Philippines showed great interests in LEESLE.

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