Is Modern Hanbok for men? 4 looks for them!

Is Modern Hanbok for men? 4 looks for them!

It would be selfish to only think about the female population, as we have to share this world with the opposite gender, right? Therefore, we felt it was our duty to design something for the other 50.4% of the world, and it would be a waste to leave these beautiful hanbok designs only for women. Back in the Joseon Era, the guys rocked the hanboks as well, and now in the 21st century even more with the modern hanbok. A lot of the clothing here at LEESLE is actually unisex, so let’s switch things up! Because sharing is caring, especially when we’re talking about hanboks.

A lot of Korean celebrities have worn our modern hanboks, for example, BTS and Kim Heechul from Super Junior, Taemin from Shinee, but LEESLE wants to go for the extra mile to see more guys in hanboks. That’s why we are going to give them a special highlight in today’s blog post.

Okay if you are ready, let’s have a look at these meosisseoyo – aka“cool”- clothes!


Let’s kick it off with the most ideal coat for the spring, the Trench Over Coat in the colors Olive and Cerulean Blue. As the weather is changing to real Spring temperatures, it is important to transition your thick and heavy coats to a thinner one. The Trench Over Coat is definitely a perfect example, with a hanbok twist into the well-known trench coat, you will become a real classic guy.


Let’s continue with this Two-Tone Jeogori shirt which looks like the classic Jeogori of a hanbok. It is designed traditionally and it will give you that authentic feeling like you lived your whole life in the Joseon Era. It is long sleeved, but you can also roll them up with a convenient button, which will be excellent for spring and summer. The shirt is available in brown and blue; thus, they are great colors to wear for spring and it will fit with everything. Give it a modern twist with jeans or some nice pants and sneakers or boots.


Next, in line please! Here you can see the Yido Jacket and the matching Joseon Pants in the color bio blue. The pants are unisex and there is a female version of the jacket and we are confident that they will look great on everybody. This attire will look great in the office or at a formal event. It looks fancy, but you can still stay in your comfort zone because this suit will be the most comfortable out of all the other suits you will ever own.


These pants are for the people who want to look bad-ass this spring. The pants are unisex and for the people who love couple’s clothing, this will be superb. As you might know, Korean couples do love their matching clothing, so you could give it a go with these pants without overdoing it. Or just keep them to yourself, as we would! The pants come in the colors black and bio blue, they will look terrific with every combination, but let’s not wear the flip flops yet while it is still so cold outside ;).

So, are you convinced yet? We sure are, as every girl needs a little black dress in their wardrobe, in our opinion, every guy needs a hanbok inspired item!




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