Kisses Delavin spotted wearing Hanbok and celebrating a special occasion in Seoul

Kisses Delavin spotted wearing Hanbok and celebrating a special occasion in Seoul

Kisses Delavin, the one and only famous Filipino actress singer and multi-media artist visited Seoul, and this time was for a very special occasion.

Today we are going to talk about her. Kisses Delavin, who celebrated her Christmas vacation of 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.

But she did not come to Seoul just to see the beautiful big city. She came for a special occasion with her parents. Kisses Delavin’s parents, Gilbert and Carrie, marked their 25th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in Seoul.

At first, Kisses was very surprised when she got mistaken by Koreans as a local. ‘’Pinoy po ako! Di kita maintindihan! Tagalugin ko kayo eh’’, she posted in instagram. Meaning: ‘’I am a Filipino! I cannot understand you! I will talk to you in Tagalog.’’

According to her Instagram, she has had a nice time in Seoul. Posting many pictures daily of what she has done here.

However, not only was she mistaken by Koreans as local, but she was also dressed like one. Her parent’s renewal of vows was a special one. They were celebrating it wearing the traditional Korean clothing, the Hanbok. They made their trip unforgettable.

Kisses Delavin looked gorgeous in her pretty Hanbok. She could not be happier for attending her parent’s wedding in the beautiful Seoul, according to her caption on her Instagram. Wearing a red skirt and a yellow light jeogori top with little pink flowers on it.

Her mom, Carrie, was wearing a baby blue hanbok, matching her husband, Gilbert.

Don’t her parent’s look adorable in their hanbok? Wearing the traditional hanbok for a wedding ceremony is a very special custom here in Seoul, and it’s just so adorable that they decided to honor this way their 25th anniversary.

The 19-year old actress gushed on Instagram about how ‘may forever’ after watching her parents get married again in a traditional Korean way, saying: ‘May tumapos na ng labal!’’ The vow renewal happened on December 29, 2018. Kisses was the main witness in her parents’ intimate Christian wedding ceremony in Seoul.




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