Life just got MUCH better for fashion lovers that wear uniforms

Life just got MUCH better for fashion lovers that wear uniforms

Who said uniforms have to be boring?

I know that the word “uniform” can terrorize those fashion lovers who couldn’t stand to be wearing the same outfit everyday. It’s understandable, since it can get really boring. But there’s no reason to feel hopeless- some brands are going that extra mile to design beautiful and stylish uniforms for staff members, and I bet it’s making a difference.

Last year LEESLE had the chance to collaborate with different companies to create a new uniform to bring a modern hanbok touch to clothes that may be sometimes very boring.


In Namwon, the Namwonyechon by Kensigton is an amazingly beautiful spa. Based on the Hanok aesthetic, Korean traditional style house which structure is based on life through the four seasons with a cooling interior in summer and heating interior in winter.

In respect of these value of wisdom and union with nature the place was built with loam, bamboo, and seaweed instead of cement and Styrofoam.


And with that beautiful atmosphere, Leesle wanted to add its stone. Far from the boring uniform, and inspired by the Korean traditional clothes, Leesle drew a uniform that is comfortable, beautiful and adds to the place a sweet touch of Korean history.
Using the traditional colors and meaning, these modern hanboks are perfectly combined with the amazing surrounding bringing a peaceful atmosphere to the hanok.

There are also many other places that are adopting the idea of creating their staff uniform with renown fashion designers, thus assuring high quality, beautiful designs, and a comfortable and happy staff.

In the city of Yeosu, in Jeolla prefecture, all the way down South Korea, at the last station of the Honam Line, you will discover the SOO hotel.  SOO is the acronym of Stay On the Ocean, as the whole mood of the place is the Marine and boat theme.

As you may be wondering how LEESLE style can fit a marine theme, well, the answer to that is there is no limits to creativity. If the hearts feels the urge to create art, the mind and the hand will play along. Respecting the theme of the hotel, Leesle worked on the harbor detail to realize a uniform that plays a role on the whole modern sea-side atmosphere.

Located nearby the Yeosu sea, you will definitely look forward to spending a night there, especially during the Cherry tree blossoms season, for a romantic and peaceful night, after eating the traditional Gejang, marinated crab which is one of the specialties of Yeosu!

Do you think it’s a good idea to go that extra mile for uniforms? Leave your opinion on the comments, I’d love to read you!

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