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Urban Dress [Scarlet]


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For Women

Season : Spring, Fall, Winter

Materials :  Polyester 100%

Size : XS/S/M/L

  • Shoulder Section 35cm(XS),35.5cm(S), 35.5cm(M), 36.5cm(L)
  • Bust Section 41cm(XS),44cm(S), 45cm(M), 46cm(L)
  • Total Lenght 117cm(XS),117cm(S), 117cm(M), 118cm(L)

[Women’s size standard]
(1)Women’s Top / Dress / Outer (Chest standards)

  • XS(44) ~ 80cm
  • S(55) 81~84cm
  • M(66) 85~88cm
  • L(77) 89~93cm

*Please wear a chest underwear and measure the size.
*Measure the largest part of your chest.

(2)Women’s Bottoms (Waist standards)

  • S(44-55) ~70cm / ~28inch
  • M(66-77) 71~75cm / 29~30inch

*Measure after wearing a thin T-shirt.
*Measure the thinnest part of your waist



무게 880 g

XS, S, M, L

Sytle Number



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