What do BTS wear? We’ll tell you now!

What do BTS wear? We’ll tell you now!

BTS, who does not know them these days? The South Korean boyband, also known as the Bangtan Boys formed by Big Hit Entertainment.

They are worldwide famous and make tours all around the world. Their concerts are even sold out just in minutes! Did you know that their tickets are sold even faster than Beyoncé tickets?

While BTS spends so much time overseas, due to their countless world tours and promotions, they have never lost touch with their Korean roots. Hanbok, the traditional Korean dresses, are everywhere to be found now. Even modern hanbok sales take over.

Two members of BTS, Suga, and Junkook, said once in an interview that they want to spread Korea’s culture around the world.

Today we are going to talk about BTS and the top moments when they slayed their way with modern hanbok, giving the traditional clothes a fashionable style. During the Melon Music Awards 2018 (MMA), Jimin appeared on stage to dance the bachaechum dance, which is a traditional Korean form of dance using fans.

Moreover, it was not until the music video of Idol where BTS presented the full force of an authentic Korean experience. Fully packed with traditional Korean elements, the music video of Idol revealed the beauty of modern hanbok to the world.

Dancing in the music video, the BTS members worn a stylish modern hanbok made of simple black fabric lined with gold. When the video came out, the foreign media realized and started to engage with Korea’s cultural traditions and appreciate the cultural insight. With the song Idol, BTS spread the Korean culture on a global scale.

Furthermore, there is a Korean traditional holiday called Chuseok. During Chuseok, BTS greeted its fans in various styles of modernized Korean dresses – similar to what they wore in the Idol video. Below is shown a picture that was realized by BTS in September during Chuseok.

Don’t they look handsome in the modern hanbok?



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