World famous celebrities rocking the Korean hanbok

World famous celebrities rocking the Korean hanbok

Over the past few years, people have started to raise awareness over Korea and its beautiful culture. This means that people worldwide also got to know the traditional Korean clothing; the Hanbok.  Worldwide 1,6 million tourists annually come to the capital city of Korea, Seoul.

How come so many people got to know the Hanbok clothing?

Over the past few years, celebrities have shown up on special occasions with the Korean Hanbok clothing.

To begin with, Britney Spears made a public appearance in 2003 dressed in a pink Hanbok complete with a jokduri headpiece. It was reported at the time that she had made a last-minute decision to wear a Hanbok instead of her prearranged outfit. She was in Korea to promote her fourth album ‘In The Zone’ and made the appearance with a modern Hanbok.

Moreover, Paris Hilton has visited Seoul and left a remarkable view behind. Paris was wearing a hanbok that Is still frequently seen at formal events, like weddings. ‘I wish I had more time here… I’d love to see the Korean palaces, architecture and old streets,’ Paris said.


Her sister, Nicky Hilton, came to visit Seoul in 2005. Nicky showed off her Hanbok look with a white jeogori top and black chima, or skirt, with a white ribbon tied around her waist. In an interview, she said she had looked for an opportunity to try on the Hanbok clothing, because she had seen her sister Paris Hilton wearing it previously. ‘I feel comfortable in the dress, and it is beautiful,’ Nicky said.

Furthermore, in 2004 the American actor Nicolas Cage married his wife Alice Kim, who is a Korean, wearing the Korean traditional clothes. Nicolas Cage and Alica Kim both made an appearance on their wedding with Hanbok clothes. An unforgettable wedding.


Love Hanbok, Love LEESLE Guys 🙂



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