2017 LEESLE X Osaka Fashion Show

2017 LEESLE X Osaka Fashion Show

Creatous Magazine Collection in OSACA



Leesle will be on stage at the Creatous Magazine Collection in OSAKA, a fashion show in Osaka’s central auditorium on July 15.

Creatous Magazine Collection in OSAKA is a Japan-Korea Fashion Exchange Fashion Show.

It is a unique stage in which 10 Japanese and Japanese fashion designers will showcase their unique designs.

Leesle will release the 2018 S/S New Themed, which is called Neuture Recipe.

” Natural recipes are a combination of color and material design, ” said Hwang Yi Seul’s, head of Leesle.

She also used natural materials such as cotton and linen in a comfortable and natural silhouette, stressed the minister.








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