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LEESLE’s design starts with something old. The design is rooted in the traditional style of the hanbok, which has been on for decades, if not for many thousands of years. This design, coupled with designer Hwang’s imagination, turns into something new. LEESLE is the fashion of today based on the philosophy of hanbok, which values an inextricable connection between the past and the present.


LEESLE was born in Jeonju, a city of traditional culture. With its strong Korean traditional atmosphere, Jeonju delights and inspires the design of LEESLE. Our design, which originated in this region, meets with the latest IT technology and is spreading all over the world. LEESLE is a fashion that has its value of bridging the region and culture.


LEESLE was named after designer Leesle Hwang. Twice a year, we have been presenting our collections with changing themes that reflect the latest fashion trends. There are casual hanbok, which exudes an image of the late Chosun Dynasty, and hansual, which adds the structure and characteristics of hanbok to the Western-style dress. Every season, LEESLE consolidates its position as a fashion that is created with innovative ideas gradually transforming the hanbok industry.

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Leesle Hwang was born in Jeonju, a city of hanbok. Her mother was an engineer who made traditional hanbok, and her father was a fabric salesman. Small wonder, then, that she showed great interest in handcrafted crafts, and made herself all her belongings such as accessories, bags, pencil cases, wallets, etc. Her parents’ sewing machine was the most cherished toy of Hwang.
At the age of 20, she suddenly encountered hanbok and became a designer of the hanbok. She was not afraid of doing the legwork from libraries, to academies, to exhibitions, and to any place that teaches intangible cultural assets. Furthermore, she established the theoretical foundation for the ancient costumes of Korea through Master’s program in Traditional Costume and Oriental Aesthetics. She also published a book, ‘I go to Hongdae in hanbok,’ which is a collection of her experiences in the field over 8 years. Her experiences as well as theoretical background in making traditional hanbok for 10 years is her biggest asset. Based on a high understanding of hanbok, she can skillfully use composition methods, patterns, materials, and details to develop various designs ranging from women’s wear to men’s wear.



Have you ever had a thrilling experience with clothes? Hanbok is the clothes that gave me such experience.

At the age of 20, I staged a costume play at college festival with the clothes I made myself for the first time in my life. It was a hanbok which appeared in my favorite cartoon “Palace” that was popular enough to be made into drama and musical. Thanks to this hanbok, praises were showered upon me from friends, saying, “It’s such a novel idea! Hanbok really suits you well.” It was an exhilarating experience to wear beautiful clothes that genuinely attract someone’s attention. I started to make another hanbok and was falling in love with this apparel before I even knew it.

It’s a holiday clothing!

At the age of 26, I thought to myself that my mission is more than creating hanbok. How about wearing hanbok myself? I got up my nerve and took out the hanbok that I made for myself as well as my mother’s old hanbok. I proudly left home, expecting much interests and praises that I had experienced in the past. Unfortunately, this ideal scenario didn’t happen to me. Instead, I received many unanswered questions from strangers.

“Mom, why is she wearing a hanbok? We are not even close to holiday yet.”
”Is she an actor who sings or performs?”
”Are you getting married today? Congratulations!”
The people who came across in the street looked at me as someone who just came out of TV drama in a strange costume. To the question asking why I was dressed in hanbok, I gave a solid answer: “I wear hanbok just because it is pretty!” Before long, I was becoming frustrated as no one seem to understand my frank answer.

Why is it something strange to wear a hanbok? Why should there be a special reason for wearing this beautiful garment?
It is because for most people, traditional costumes are special clothes that can be seen in holidays, TV shows, performances and weddings. I decided to change my hanbok into a daily fashion rather than a suit that is expected only at special occasions. As a result, a new hanbok, which had been reinterpreted from a modern viewpoint with a motif from the characteristic elements of the traditional hanbok, came to light of the world. This new design, which started in Jeonju, has been spreading throughout Korea.

The person in LEESLE can be anyone from any country. LEESLE reaches forward to create clothes that bring out one and only personality, clothes that give an exhilarating experience, and clothes that you want to have in envy. LEESLE is dreaming of becoming a global fashion with a new perspective of looking at tradition. We sincerely wish to share this thrilling journey with you.

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