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Title New Year's Clearance Sale(Jun 22and~31st. 2021)Guidance and Q&A
Posted by leesle (ip:)  
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  • Date 2021-01-21 16:09:36
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★ If you have any questions during the event, please contact us via email or Kakao Talk at ★

-This event will be held on a first-come, first-served basis.- 

- Domestic and overseas malls are independent malls, and the amount of Lucky Box payment is applied differently.
-Lucky box selection will appear as a pop-up window after the final payment is completed. You must select a Lucky Box to send it with your order.
If you don't select a lucky box and request a separate shipment after delivery, you have to pay for the additional delivery fee.
- Lucky box offer is calculated as the price per order.
- If you place an order in installments, we do not pay the total amount of each order.
- Please make sure to pay with one order.
- Lucky box is a random configuration and cannot be exchanged/changed after receipt.
- Lucky box payment is applied based on actual payment amount (discounted amount applied with discount method such as coupon discount and member discount).
- The quantity of this event is limited. It may be terminated early if the Lucky Box is exhausted.
- Lucky Boxes are not eligible for cash or accruals. Lucky box is a random configuration and the normal value may vary.
The Lucky Box event is a thank-you event for the Leeslelers who love Leesle, and we'd appreciate it if you enjoyed it.

Participation period: January 22 (Friday) to 31 (Sunday)
<How to Participate>
1. Kakao Talk Group Chat Room / Open Chat Room / Naver Band, etc. link to the resl event ( and more)
Please promote your own promotional phrase.

2. Let's find out how many people you've promoted.
Promotional phrase/ Capture the number of people.
Send it to "Leesle" Kakao Talk channel.

3. The most promotions, the random draw, and the most impressive promotions (3 people in total)
We will select and give you the following gifts.

Winner Announcement: Tuesday, February 2nd (Tuesday) Leesle Instagram
Those who have been selected will contact you individually through Kakao Talk. 

Participation period January 22 (Friday) to February 7 (Sunday)

1. Please leave the proof of payment or product photo on Instagram with the required hashtag.
You must include the required hashtag.
(Hashtag Required: #Buy Leesle #Hanbok Diet War #Leesle #Living Hanbok #Modern Hanbok #Male Hanbok #Couple Hanbok)

2. Capture the uploaded details and authenticate them with Kakao Talk channel 'Leesle'.
If you live abroad without Kakao Talk, please authenticate with

3. Winners will be announced on February 8th (Monday)
We are planning to guide you through the Leesle Instagram feed.

5. If you win a random draw, you'll get a "Leesle Accessory" as a gift!
If you win, please contact me via DM. 

-International Resellers access at 10:00 KST on the 22nd.

if you iog in, it looks like a discounted price.

-Due to site relocation, your existing ID will not be available.

You need to sign up for a new one.

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