2018 LEESLE X PARIS ‘sur Mode’

2018 LEESLE X PARIS ‘sur Mode’

Paris sur Mode


The fashion hanbok brand, leesle, led by designer  Hwang Yi Seul’s, will showcase their daily lives in Paris and Milano, following last year.

The fashion fair that will participate in this year is the Italian Super Fashion Show (February 24-26) and the Paris sur Mode (March 1-4).

It is held during the Paris Fashion Week period, and is about 600 brands, around 6,000 buyers and 20,000 visitors.

The concept for the 2018 FW is the Three Cities Trilogy, inspired by Milano, Paris and Jeonju.

It features a faded orange building in Milano, a mysterious and atmospheric purple color in Paris, and snowflakes that are piled up on a tile from Jeonju Hanok Village.

On top of this comes a stylish and Korean design that is filled with the shapes of traditional pus, the variant of the collar neckline, and the expression of various rhythms according to movement.

More and more people are visiting fashion hanbok in foreign countries.

If we expand the global distribution network through this pair, we will also meet hanbok in Europe.






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