Did Somebody Said Party? 4 Party Outfits For You!

Did Somebody Said Party? 4 Party Outfits For You!

On Saturday 27th of April, Leesle Hwang got married in a beautiful ceremony in Jeonju. Although we were so excited and enjoyed every moment of the event, this got me thinking. The biggest questions we had was: what should we wear?

Sometimes, the biggest struggle in a women’s life is figuring out what to wear to a party, date, or a formal event, because we have all these dress codes and our choice has to be appropriate.

But don’t worry, we all have been there and done that. So, let me take the time to show you a few outfits choices that you can wear for different occasions, including if given the chance, a Korean wedding. Sounds good? Okay, here we go then!

Business events

With this outfit, you will definitely make your entrance. Be ready to hand out your business cards! This LBD (little black dress) is a staple in your wardrobe and is wearable for all formal events. The dress is knee-length and therefore appropriate for almost every formal event. It has mesh details, which give the dress a more unique look than your regular LBD.

Urban parties/Coachella vibe

This look will be great when you are planning a night out in an urban area or a music festival. It is comfortable, sexy, and it looks stylish. You can dance the night away and you don’t have to worry about the length of your skirt as you are just wearing pants. When wearing it with some heels or sneakers, it will change up the whole outfit as it is a clean base and easy to expand the party look with make-up or accessories.


This outfit screams please let me go to a party! It will help you to get your well-deserved moment of shine. If you are planning on going to a club with a strict dress code, then we are sure that you are able to get in wearing this. The skirt is also very versatile. It can be dressed down and up easily, or wear it with a graphic t-shirt and it will be edgier. You can also use it with a blouse, to make it look chic. Put some heels or sneakers underneath it and you will be good to go.


Wedding guest

And then finally the party wear for a wedding. Here in Korea, it is normal to wear business casual to a wedding, however wearing all black is not really appropriate because obviously, that does not really look festive. And of course, we want to let the bride have the day of her life, so no white! But knowing all these rules doesn’t mean a boring or wasted outfit. This look is a very good option, as it is a beautiful blue dress with see-through sleeves. The white tights will break the seriousness of the look and will make it more fun.


These looks are great for almost every event, so don’t limit yourself by only wearing them for only parties. They will also be good in a number of occasions, so let your inner Victoria Beckham lead the way from time to time. When you tone the accessories or combinations a bit down, then it will look good.

What special event do you have coming up? We are very curious, so, let us know!





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