Drunk on hanbok: international collections inspired by it

Drunk on hanbok: international collections inspired by it

Korean hanbok is an indisputable trend when it comes to design and innovate in the fashion industry of the peninsula. The trend consists in taking the different versions of the classic attire and create modern designs that can be worn day to day, and combine with western garments, like a pair of jeans.

Korean fashion veterans like LEESLE, have used the traditional hanbok to inspire modern collections that have made thousands to fall in love all over the world. Every design can easily compete with international contemporaries pieces, however, always maintaining a glimpse of the traditional costume.

How many countries can actually presume that their national costume is used on a daily basis? Just a few, I would say. And is the feeling of protecting and exalting the history of a nation what makes Korean designers want to play with the hanbok and create pieces that burst into the modern world and win over the interest of fashion lovers.

So much has been the effort to promote the modern hanbok all over the world, that at present you can already appreciate various collections that were inspired by this tradition, made by renown designers.

Carolina Herrera in 2017 created three custom hanboks, in what it was The Carolina Herrera x Hanbok Collection. Being faithful to the essence of her brand, and taking as inspiration the details of hanbok, Herrera created unique designs that were exhibited in New York and then sent to Seoul.

Christian Dior had admitted being influenced by this trend, inspiring some of his designs. Then there is Giorgio Armani and Miuccia Prada, who frequently make quick stops in Seoul to get inspiration in the fabrics, designs, and colors.

What can we expect in the future of modern hanbok?

The future of the modern hanbok will depend a great deal on the efforts made around investing in the industry, and designers wanting to continue taking the hanbok to international waters. Korea has earned a space in the entertainment and beauty world, with its K-dramas, K- beauty, and K-pop. Step by step, thanks to designers like Leesle Hwang, a path has been opened to the fashion world.

Traditional hanbok is an attire that by its designs, colors, and fabrics, allows creating hundreds of modern pieces that today’s youth will love, earning the respect of the international fashion industry and preserving the Korean history and traditions.



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