From A to Z: Our Favorite LEESLE Looks

From A to Z: Our Favorite LEESLE Looks

At LEESLE we vibrate, breathe, and feel fashion. We live every day looking for new ways to exploit our creativity, to break the mold and renew the Korean hanbok for new generations. From dreamed, dramatic, elegant looks, through the most daring, to those that let us breathe a unique lightness, we have played and combined colors and fabrics that even left us in love.

Although we have loved to design and dress each and every one of our pieces, there were always those that built a mansion in our hearts and stayed there to live. Yes, as romantic as it sounds, that’s fashion for us. So today, we want to share with you something very special for us: our favorite looks and the story behind them.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

  1. Floral Print Midi Skirt 

We fell in love with this skirt from the moment we had it in our hands. Just by seeing it, it inspires tenderness, elegance and beautiful things. Use it with snickers, and you have a casual outfit that will undoubtedly make you the center of attention. Use it with heels and you have an incredible look to go partying. You can wear it with blouses, shirts, whatever you want! It’s one of those pieces that’s easy to combine with anything, and it’s always going to look wonderful. One of our most beloved pieces!

2. Winter Coat Inspired in the Jeogori Top

For fashion lovers, we understand how complicated dressing can become in winter times. That fine line between dressing amazing, and not freeze to death. We understand it and we feel with you, and that’s why we wanted to go further and create this piece of art that you see in the photo. Inspired by the Jeogori top that makes the traditional hanbok, we designed a winter coat that not only keeps us protected from the winter winds, but also makes us look fabulous enough to walk with our heads held high in Paris. 

3. Midi Classic Dress

They say that sometimes less is more, and beauty often goes in hand with simplicity. In LEESLE we are very aware of that, and the truth is that there is nothing better than having beautiful clothes that you can combine a thousand times, or better yet, have it available in all your favorite colors. This dress comes in different colors, for all tastes, and you just have to let your imagination fly high to combine it in all the possible ways.

If you are a busy and successful girl (we know you are!), what will end up making you fall forever in love with this dress is how incredibly comfortable is. Our dream is to dress beautifully every day, keeping our comfort and ability to travel the entire city without anything stopping us. A girl CAN have everything, right?

5. The Jeogori Top

If you are a fan of modern hanbok, you should know that the traditional hanbok is composed mainly of two parts: the top, called jeogori, and the skirt, called chima. In our special adaptation of the top, we created these small pieces that are very similar to the Western “crop top”, but with that little touch that reminds us of the traditional jeogori. There are hundreds of ways to dress and combine it, and the magic of this little top is that although it may look Western in some combinations, it will always have that essence that makes it an undeniably descendant of the Korean hanbok.

5. The Korean Romper

Rompers? What? Yes! Just like you read it! In LEESLE we have our own version of the pants of the traditional hanbok of men, commonly called Baji. The wonderful thing about this piece is that it can be worn by men and women alike, it is incredibly comfortable and easy to combine. 

It’s one of those things that capture you in their simplicity, and you can not let them go.

What do you think? Do you love these looks as much as we do? If not, we’d love to hear what are your favorite pieces from LEESLE. Share with us =)



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