The Story Behind Dawn of a New Life

The Story Behind Dawn of a New Life

Last year we launched our SS19 collection, and today we want to exclusively share with you here the original inspiration behind this season’s theme, as it has a special story and purpose. As you may know by now, the collection is called Dawn of a new life and it is perfect for the coming spring and summer.

As you might have seen on the internet, tv or the newspapers there are a lot of tensions between countries in the whole world. We at Leesle are based in South Korea, so we are right in between the “second” cold war of North and South-Korea. This collection has been made with the purpose to create a peaceful fashion statement.

Love That Unites

The thing is that we at Leesle do not believe in borders. Borders are just the intangible veils created or imagined by the governments. These borders hold back people’s dreams, families, loved ones, and possibilities. North and South Korea got divided in 1945 after the end of the second world war. The Soviet Union captured North Korea and the United States got South Korea. In 1950, North Korea tried to reunite with South Korea through an invasion to get South communistic.

This failed and the well-known Demilitarized Zone now separates North from South Korea.

However, we are still optimistic. Some of us (a lot, may I add) still dream with a reunification. In April 2018 there were made some small baby steps. The summit with Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in brought the idea of unification back to the table and there is hope again. Nowadays, there are luckily some negotiations, and though is still far from happening,  the dream is still there, vibrating like a heartbeat every day.

A Fashion Statement of Peace

Okay, now that we are finished with the heavy stuff, will move on to the fun part: fashion! Hanbok fashion, to be more specific. With our new collection, we would like to start our own movement for a better future. We not only wear fashion, but we also wear fashion that stands for something we believe in.

Now let’s dive in to present you with some of the pieces of this collection.

  • The One Colored Skirt with the Jeogori Top

The skirt and the Jeogori top represent the attachment of the two countries. The Goreum Ribbon (belt) of the skirt symbolizes the unification, which still has to be tied. The floral print will be gorgeous with all the growing and blooming flora in the background. The top is easy and breezy to combine with your whole wardrobe.

– The Military Inspired Hanbok

This hanbok dress would be your average hanbok. However, you can see the army details in it. With the patches and the waist pack, it’s styled like you could see it in the military uniforms. The patches break the seriousness of the dress and give it a more fun vibe. The dress can be worn by itself, but pairing it with pants it will give a more edgy feeling.

 -The See-through Sleeves Top

This top represents the invisible veil of the Koreans and the middle part of the top is the actual border the government created. The top is perfect if you still want to be cool and fresh, but you’ll be still covered up. It can be worn with skirts, pants, and shorts.


There is so much more to see in this collection, it would take too long to show you everything here on this post. But if you wish to see the complete lookbook, click here. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the theme of this collection. Please, share away!








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