LEESLE’s the best loved clothing, ‘cheolrik’ dress. “Is this hanbok?”

LEESLE’s the best loved clothing, ‘cheolrik’ dress. “Is this hanbok?”


LEESLE neoterically reinterprets Korean traditional clothing, and all clothes from LEESLE are completed by the hands of mine. LEESLE prefers modern and minimalist design with all the details removed, leaving only the iconic elements.

LEESLE’s the best loved clothing, ‘cheolrik’ dress, which has been cherished for its beauty in 2014, looks like a regular dress at first glance. Though, with the elements of hanbok, cheolrik is certainly an easy, breezy dress you would love to wear all day long. The image of collars remain by stitching, and the line of waist as well as shearing are kept alive in order to maintain cheolrik’s unique atmosphere. Many people ask whether this is really a hanbok, as cheorlik does not belong to typical form of skirt or jeogori which is commonly known as hanbok. Korean traditional costumes have a history of 5000 years, and there exist countless designs and sources, which give me tremendous inspiration. There is no doubt that cheolrik is one of them.

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