Uniform design for Hanok Hotel ‘Namwonyechon by Kensington’

Uniform design for Hanok Hotel ‘Namwonyechon by Kensington’

Namwon, which neighborhoods with a city of LEESLE, Jeonju, is such a beautiful city with the composition of Chunhyangga and the majesty of Gwanghalluwon Garden. There recently appears to be a greatly pleasant place in Namwon. Namwonyechon by Kensington is the place where you can enjoy a peaceful and therapeutic stay.

This place is called hanok and this traditional Korean-style house was built by the master craftsmen of the hanok, which include Kyeyoung Choi and Geun-ok Lee.

With the wisdom and value of our ancestors, loam, bamboo, and seaweed were used to build this place instead of cement and styrofoam. Everywhere you stay in Namwonyechon, you will see how the Korean courtesy is sublimated into art. The uniform cannot be any clothes. Thus, LEESLE carefully employed artful clothing techniques for uniform to express a full of dignity this place deserves.

We understood Namwonyechon’s desire to serve its guest with sincerity and thus designed the uniform with the motif of hanbok.

Hanbok’s feathers and the point of five colors are designed to make the wearer comfortable and to let anyone to see the beauty of hanbok.

The uniform should not be designed just for the purpose of greeting guests.

We have created dress, vest, and shirt to be at utmost comfort for management staff who run this beautiful and peaceful hanok.

What is precious about Namwonyechon is to enjoy wisdom and value of our ancestors by staying at a hanbok and wearing a hanbok.

LEESLE collaborates by designing the nobility of the brand’s value.

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