Marine Boy met hanbok

Marine Boy met hanbok




When cherry blossom blooms, when the vast and void sea is missed on a very frustrating day, and when we look for the Fountain of Youth, the city ”Yeosu” comes to mind.

Thus, the road to Yeosu, the last station on the Honam Line, cannot be more excited. In the spring, we dream to get on the train to sing ‘the cherry blossom endings’, and when the rain falls, the sea of ​​Yeosu night will come to mind. One night should be reserved to keep the scene of Yeosu’s night sea more vividly and deeply in our hearts.

Along the cherry blossom leaves, the hotel SOO in Yeosu, which is about to open in August 2016, has contacted LEESLE’s design lab.

The hotel SOO stands for “Stay On the Ocean.” This place is designed to give a feeling of being in a boat rather than a hotel.

As boat docks at the harbor, LEESLE has added a keyword of ”harbor.” At the first impression, it seems to hard to make a pair with the hanbok and the sea, but when we thought of the concrete space like harbor, the most unique hanbok uniform has been brought to life.



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