Modern hanbok explained: The why’s and how’s

Modern hanbok explained: The why’s and how’s

Each country has its own traditional costume. And as we see them and know more about them, we are fascinated by their beauty, colors, designs, and how unique and representative of the country they can be. The Korean hanbok is no exception, its unique colors and princess-like design makes eyes roll to the bride wearing it. Or the performer. Or the people in the temple.

But- have you ever tried walking a normal day of your life wearing a hanbok, just because? If you do, you’ll probably have people looking at you, because you’re not at a wedding, you are not a performer…then why are you wearing it?

Which leads us to the next question: if the hanbok it’s so beautiful and popular, why not use it in our daily lives? Why deprive ourselves of enjoying it?

Designer Leesle Hwang asked herself this very same question. Looking for an answer, she dared herself to wear a traditional hanbok for 100 days. The results? She failed, very hard. She came to understand how uncomfortable or unpractical was to use a traditional hanbok in her everyday life, no matter how pretty it was.

From failure comes the greatest ideas

That’s when the idea a modern hanbok came to her mind. The rest is history. Inspiration, designs, reinterpreting history and bring it to our modern times. All this mix brought to us the modern hanbok: beautiful pieces that resemble a lot the western style but keeping somehow the essence of its inspiration.

And then LEESLE was born as an especial brand looking to allow a younger generation to take part in their own culture. Skirts, dresses, jeogori tops, and more designs that are fashionable, trendy, adaptable, and most importantly, they all have that essence of princess-like clothing, the feeling of carrying with you a piece of history that remains.

Keeping the hanbok trendy

The Korean traditional clothes are the source of inspiration to this line of clothing, so keeping it trendy might be a challenge. But Leesle Hwang doesn’t worry about it. “I’m actually not stressed out about having to come up with new designs. The hanbok that we know is very limited to the late Joseon Era. There are many more forms of hanbok that we do not know of,” she said to the Korean Herald. “The hard part is making them wearable, transforming them into something that the market will respond to.


Now, modern hanbok has transcended the border of Korea. LEESLE has found itself being wanted and asked from customers from all over the world, including many countries in Asia, Europe, and even South America. The designs are made in a way that people doesn’t even know that its related to Korean traditional clothes, and they are attracted to it. It’s not easy to resist the elegance, delicacy and dreamy colors of LEESLE designs.

LEESLE has crossed borders to take Korean fashion to the world, but not only that, but it’s also bringing culture. Korea is already in the spotlight thanks to its music and beauty products, and in the last few years, it’s also earned respect in the fashion world. It’s fascinating to know that the clothes you are wearing are not only beautiful, but they carry so much history and inspiration.

The latest LEESLE collection is Dawn of a new life, which was inspired by the political events happening in Korea, making it not only absolutely beautiful but also a fashion statement of peace.  If you want to check it out, just take a look at the lookbook (exclusively shared for the first time here!).




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