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accessories model image-S2L35
accessories model image-S2L36
Nao worn by all of our Lisle staff! Clothes for everyone from 20's to 60's
accessories detail image-S2L38
accessories product image-S2L39

Hanbok = clothes that everyone wears
thank you for sympathizing

#redesign hanbok
accessories detail image-S1L8
A view of the famous fashion fair Paris Tranoi, which Lisley participated in

'That outfit' is so cool! Where are you from?

Good morning. This is Hwang Yi-seul, the maker of Nao Project.
I've been working on redesigning traditions for 13 years.
One time, when I went on a business trip overseas for an overseas exhibition or show.
At the time, I was wearing a hanbok.
One outfit caught my attention.
'These clothes are Korean clothes, and I am the person who made these clothes'
Explaining the reason for making traditional clothes and naturally introducing the brand
'Soy milk no BTS? Park Ji-Sung? Samsung? I didn't have to.
one of the clothes I wore

'You are from Korea'
'What are those clothes? It looks like something special.'
'Wow, that dress is really cool. Can I take a picture together?'

It aroused interest and produced good business results.
accessories model image-S1L12
Buyers & Makers Hwang Yi-seul met at Paris, Milan, and New York fashion fairs
When I went out on the world stage, I was asked to do something like me.
Designers from Japan, with a unique Japanese sensibility,
A designer from China incorporated Chinese culture into their designs.

Being Korean on the world stage was a competitive advantage.
#Hanbok, becoming a fashion genre
Hanbok is a nice but unfriendly outfit. wearing hanbok on vacation
What if you left? What if you go on a date?
I will take the lead in worrying about whether I will jump out on my own or whether I will be active.
accessories green color image-S1L17
accessories model image-S1L18
accessories model image-S1L19
accessories model image-S1L20
accessories model image-S1L21
accessories detail image-S1L22
Are hanbok pants only in jar style? It was inspired by the 'Daegugo (大口拷)' that was widely worn during the Three Kingdoms period.
Photo source: Culture 'The Weavers of Baekje'
accessories charcoal color image-S1L28
accessories model image-S1L25

Supporters who sympathized with the value of hanbok everyday life
Thanks to you, 2019 and 2020 Wadiz A Wonder 2 years in a row
I even won an award!

accessories model image-S1L27
accessories charcoal color image-S1L31
accessories charcoal color image-S1L32
accessories model image-S1L33
Collaboration with K-pop stars became a hot topic.
Overseas magazine TheCulturetrip, designer Hwang Yi-seul
One of the 13 next-generation Korean designers that the world is paying attention to
It was also mentioned as
accessories product image-S1L35
Celebrities are not the only Koreans to wear Lisle's hanbok.
We are making hanbok into a fashion that everyone can wear.
Order Lisle's hanbok from 52 countries around the world,
I wear it in my daily life.
So far, accumulated 60,000 hanboks have been presented to everyday life.
accessories model image-S1L37
Overseas wrestlers enjoying Riesle as fashion
#Hanbok like jeans
Hanbok, a fashion that the world pays attention to and loves!
Through Wadiz, I would like to present my 'first hanbok' in my life.
If you are new to hanbok, it may seem difficult.
So, the popularity has been increased so that it is possible to mix and match with ordinary clothes.
We prepared a minimalist design.
It is a style that everyone is comfortable with.
Clothes that express yourself. Introducing 'Na Oh (吾)'.
accessories product image-S1L45
Jeogori Color: White / Denim Blue / Beige / Black 4 types
Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.
accessories product image-S2L1
Pants Color: Beige / Brick / Green / Black 4 types
Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.
accessories green color image-S2L3
With the sense of a certified colorist, the most Korean, top 4Xpants 4 colors were extracted.
Magic that can be cross-matched with anything!
Color matching ability is the strength of the brand Resle recognized by 80,000 followers.
accessories model image-S2L5
accessories model image-S2L6
Female Model 163cm 44kg Regular Size 44 - Top Denim Blue S Bottoms Beige S
Male Model 176cm 60kg Regular Size 100 - Top Denim Blue M Bottoms Beige M

Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.

accessories model image-S2L47
accessories model image-S2L8
accessories model image-S2L9
accessories model image-S2L10
Female Model 163cm 44kg Normal Size 44 - Top Beige S Bottoms Green S
Male Model 176cm 60kg Regular Size 100 - Top Beige M Bottom Brick M

Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.

accessories model image-S2L12
accessories model image-S2L13
accessories model image-S2L14
Female Model 163cm 44kg Normal Size 44 - Top White S Bottoms Black S
Male Model 176cm 60kg Usual Size 100 - Top White M Bottoms Black M

Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.

accessories mustard color image-S2L16
accessories model image-S2L17
accessories model image-S2L48
accessories model image-S2L49
accessories model image-S2L18
Female Model 163cm 44kg Normal Size 44 - Top Black S Bottoms Black S
Male Model 176cm 60kg Regular Size 100 - Top Black M Bottom Black M

Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.

accessories model image-S2L50
accessories model image-S2L51
accessories model image-S2L20
accessories model image-S2L21
accessories model image-S4L2
accessories model image-S4L1
accessories model image-S4L3
accessories green color image-S2L22
■ The picture below is most similar to the actual color
accessories white color image-S2L24
Naojeogori [White]
accessories charcoal color image-S2L26
Nao Jeogori [Denim Blue]
accessories cream color image-S2L28
Naojeogori [Beige]
accessories charcoal color image-S2L30
Naojeogori [Black]
The material of the jacket is 100% two-tone linen. Linen is also graded.
This is a high-quality linen that gives a two-tone effect by weaving different colors of weft and warp threads.
The texture (texture) unique to natural materials is felt, and the depth of color is
Double the depth and luxury.

accessories detail image-S2L33
Jeogori fabric two-tone linen 100%
#First, comfortable shoulders
accessories detail image-S4L5
Ragran sleeves gently wrap around the shoulders of both men and women

The most important part that determines comfort when buying a top is the 'shoulder'.
Wearing clothes that don't fit your shoulders will have the effect of wearing the wrong size.
The shoulder is applied with a Ragran pattern,
Designed to be worn by both men and women.

#Second, three-dimensional design neck collar
accessories detail image-S4L8
A pattern made with different heights of the back and front of the jeogori
Some people say that wearing hanbok makes your neck feel stuffy and uncomfortable.
The pattern was designed with different heights of the back collar and the front collar.
Through the three-dimensional design, even those with short neck length can fold the back of the neck.
made it work.
#3rd, side slit
accessories detail image-S4L12
The side slits on the side of the jacket make it easy to put your hands in the pocket.
A slit on the side of the jeogori makes it comfortable in your pants pocket.
You can put your hand in and take it out.
When you put the jeogori inside your pants, you can create an unbalanced look.
let it be
accessories green color image-S4L15
The pants material is poly ramie.
It is 80% polyester and 20% rayon.
Linen, a traditional summer material, can be machine washed using modern techniques.
It is made of material.
The advantage I want to be proud of the most! It doesn't wrinkle well!!!
accessories detail image-S4L17
[Wrinkle Experiment] When Nao's Pants Are Wrinkled
The actual Lisle staff went on a trip to Vietnam for 3 days and tried on jeogori & pants.
accessories detail image-S4L20
accessories model image-S4L21
■ The picture below is most similar to the actual color
accessories detail image-S4L23
Nao Pants [Beige]
accessories detail image-S4L25
Nao Pants [Brick]
accessories detail image-S4L27
Nao Pants [Green]
accessories detail image-S4L29
Nao Pants [Black]
#First, easy to wear
accessories detail image-S4L32
Pull the waistband of the pants tight to fit your waist, tie it, and straighten the wrinkled center to the sides and you're done!
accessories detail image-S4L34
The waist strap attached to the side is made in the form of a hanbok (帶).
A wrinkled back that is fitted to the waist with a string like sweatpants
Push the center part from side to side.
#Second, a deep pocket that holds a tumbler
accessories detail image-S4L37
Galaxy Note 9, Tumblr can fit comfortably
accessories detail image-S4L39
Double pocket detail often used outdoors is applied.
The pockets are shallow so your belongings don't fall out.
There is only one zipper on the right side.
accessories green color image-S4L41
accessories model image-S4L42
157cm 52kg Normal size XS-S. S beige over Nao. Bottom S brick
It's a gloomy feeling.
It's not too oversized, so I wore a sleeveless inner as an inner and layered it like a cardigan.
accessories model image-S4L44
163cm 44kg I usually wear a size XS of Leslie. Nao top white S
I tried using a waist skirt! A great item to use with any outfit!
accessories model image-S4L46
155cm 53kg Usually size S. Nao top S blue. Bottom S Black.
The length of the pants is just right.
It was really comfortable to wear in Vietnam with a straw hat.
accessories model image-S4L48
167cm 52kg I usually wear XS-S. Nao top black S. Bottom Black S.
I tucked the jeogori into the pants to create a look.
Roll up your shoulders and style it with a handbag for a formal feel.
accessories model image-S4L50
163cm 44kg I usually wear a size XS of Leslie.
Nao top black S. Bottom beige S.
There is room, but I don't feel like the clothes are too big.
I matched it with a wide strap cross bag.
accessories model image-S4L52
161cm 43kg I usually wear size XS. Nao Ha's Green S.
I matched it with a short-sleeved T-shirt and a check jacket.
Like wide pants, it's good to pair with a jacket.
accessories model image-S4L54
163cm 71kg I usually wear 77 and a Lisle Dress XL.
In the picture, Nao top is black M and bottom is beige M.
Small clothes have a tight shoulder, but they are comfortable and fit as if they were not wearing them.
accessories model image-S4L56
165cm 68kg I usually wear 77, Lisle Dress L.
The beige M in the Nao top in the photo. Brick M.
It fits a little loosely.
It's comfortable enough, and the pants look slim, which I like.
accessories model image-S4L58
174cm 68kg usual size 100. Wearing a white M on Nao top and a green M bottom
That's right. When I wear an L because it came up one size
Both top and bottom felt spacious.
If you are wearing an oversized fit, it would be better to wear an M top and L.
accessories model image-S4L60
167cm 58kg usual 95. Nao Black S. Wearing a beige S bottom.
Pants fit comfortably.
When I wear a size M, which is one size larger, it does not flow down.
But there was a sense of abundance.
If you wear 95-100, it would be better to do M.
accessories model image-S5L1
177cm 78kg usual 100-105. Wearing beige M on top of Nao. Brick M on bottom.
M was a good fit. When I wore an L, which was one size larger, it seemed to have room.
M for a snug fit
If you want a more relaxed feel, you should choose L.
accessories model image-S5L3
181cm 85kg usual 105. Wearing a white L for Nao top. Black L for bottom
Size L is just right and the pants are a little loose, but it was comfortable enough.
It wasn't that I couldn't wear it when I wore the size M below.
It felt tight.
accessories model image-S5L5
175cm 92kg usual 110. Nao wears a beige L on top and a beige L on the bottom.
L fits perfectly.
When I tried on the M jeogori, it was worn, but the front was a little wide.
Pants M could not be worn.
accessories model image-S5L7
174cm 67kg usual 100. Nao wears a blue M on top and a black M on bottom.
I am a man who wears a regular 100, and size M is just right.
Relaxation and activities were comfortable.
accessories model image-S5L9
Same male as above. 174cm 67kg usual 100. Nao top black M.
Wearing Brick M bottoms.
I am a man who wears a regular 100, and size M is just right.
Relaxation and activities were comfortable.

▶ S is recommended for 44-66 women and 95 men with skinny body.
Waist 28-30 inches.
▶ M is recommended for women over 77 and standard 100 men.
Waist 30-32 inches.
▶ L is recommended for 105~110 men. Waist 32-34 inches.

▶ The maximum waist section is the waist section measured by maximally stretching the rubber band on the back.
It is convenient to have a consultation by measuring your waist circumference yourself.
accessories detail image-S6L1
how to wash jeogori
1) Guidance
accessories detail image-S6L4
▶ Due to the nature of the linen material, there is a partial 'slub'.
▶ This is a natural feature that occurs only in natural materials.
It is the charm of linen.
▶ Please note that the slub is not subject to exchange or return.

There may be natural clumps

2) Hand washing
▶ Hand washing is the least damaging.
▶ There may be water loss, so make sure to match similar colors
Wash alone.
▶ Apply a neutral detergent to water that does not feel warm below 25 degrees.
Please massage lightly.

3) When using a washing machine
▶ Be sure to use the laundry net and use the medicine course.
▶ There may be water fading the first 1-3 times.
Please wash separately.

4) dry
▶ It can shrink by 5% during the first washing.
▶ Do not use the dryer.
▶ Remove enough moisture by squeezing it without twisting it.
▶ Hang it on a hanger and dry it in the shade.

how to wash pants

1) Hand washing
▶ Do not rub or rub strongly.
▶ There may be water loss.
Wash alone.
▶ Apply a neutral detergent to water that does not feel warm below 25 degrees.
Please massage lightly.

2) When using a washing machine
▶ Be sure to use a washing net and wash with wool course.

3) dry
▶ Do not use the dryer
▶ Remove enough moisture by squeezing it without twisting it.
▶ Lay down to dry

# Directly produced
Lisle has its own production line.
We are not creators who made clothes for the first time from the funding point of view.
We are a team of experts who have been running clothing brands for over 10 years.
Neat sewing as well as inspection, delivery, and quick and friendly service after delivery
We promise to CS.
accessories detail image-S6L10
A view of Lisle's Jeonju Hanbok Factory
#A word from the maker
accessories model image-S6L13
▶ YouTube Leesle TV
▶ Design / General Manager: Hwang Yi-seul
▶ Content / Marketing: Chan-Young Lee, Chang-Won Kim, Bong-Soon Yoon, Ji-Woo Park
▶ Visual: Hwang Hye-jin, Song Ki-ok
▶ CS/Customer Impression: Seo Moon-sook, Song Soon-nam, Hwang Hye-bin, Seo Joo-hyun
▶ Partner: Space Cowork

This is Lee Seul Hwang, the designer in charge of this project.
Already, the world is paying attention to Korea.
As a Korean designer, I am better than them on the world stage.
What could be made better was the hanbok.
Tradition, an infinite source of inspiration!
The Leesle team will continue to take the lead in connecting tradition and modernity.
We hope you enjoy the wonderful experience that tradition has to offer.

★Please note that some photos were taken before COVID-19.
Size information
1.Mok point-end of the sleeve
3.Sleeve Width
4. Back length
Size information
Stretched waist section
3.Thigh Width
4.Pants length
Width across the hem
-The measured size above is the'length of section'. please note.
-The size may have an error of 1~3cm depending on the measurement method.
-Product color may be slightly different from the actual color depending on the resolution of the user's monitor.
-The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.
Wearing information
Seasonspring fallSummerWinter
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
LiningUnlinedPartially LinedFully Lined
More Details
Top : Linen 100%
Bottom : Polyester 80% , Rayon 20%
Wash Care
  • Dry cleanDry clean
  • Hand Wash SeparatelyHand Wash Separately
  • Do Not BleachDo Not Bleach
  • Use Adequate DetergentUse Adequate Detergent
  • Shade DryShade Dry
 Powder and liquid detergents contain bleaching ingredients, which induces the fabric to drain.
Hand-washing with wool in cold water minimizes the induction of dripping.
We recommend washing this way.
In addition, the dryer may cause the product to shrink, so natural drying is recommended if possible.
 Top- Beige, Black, Denim Blue, White / Bottom- Beige, Black, Brick, Green
Date of Manufacture
Country of Origin
A/S information and person in charge
기본 (디폴트) 고객센터 / 070-4218-2293


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