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Thistle Hongdae store. Riesle wants Korea to be the most beautiful country in the world.
Hanbok that can be worn at home + Hanbok that can be worn in front of the house + Hanbok that can be worn even when going out for a festival or a trip = I made all of this into an all-in-one.
Hanbok for 1 person-Introducing [Papa] to become a national hanbok!
It is different if the representative brand of modern hanbok is made by Riseul!
No, what are you guys discussing national hanbok? If you say! Riesle wants to say with confidence that it has only dug one way.
We have made various hanboks according to the trend of the times.
Its shape and style have changed, but its purpose is only one! How can modern people enjoy hanbok? It was.
The above picture is a filter-corrected image, and there is a color difference from the actual one. Please refer to the detail picture
The above picture is a filter-corrected image, and there is a color difference from the actual one. Please refer to the detail picture
The above picture is a filter-corrected image, and there is a color difference from the actual one. Please refer to the detail picture
How about this hanbok? It is an all-in-one design that can be worn both inside and outside the house.
Jinbei is said to be used as a pajama for everyday wear, but it is also worn as a festival for festivals instead of yukata.
Did you know that Jinbei is so popular in Korea that you can buy it even with a direct purchase?
It is said that it is well-ventilated, and there are also enthusiasts who wear summer clothes.
I bought Jinbei myself. It looks like this. It's a top-and-pants design that can be worn by men and women, but you know that? There are quite a few people in Korea who wear Jinbei as casual clothes.
When I saw this article... I was upset and embarrassed, wasn't it because I couldn't make a hanbok that everyone could wear?
UNIQLO, even in places like ignorance, has become a popular item for easy purchase.
Kimono is a yukata or jinbei that is more worn for ceremonies.
I thought that the national hanbok that I wanted to make should look like this.
Clothes you can buy anytime, anywhere. Dress for men and women, casual clothes.
When you said this, your friends shared empathy!

Everyone is right, I thought I wish there was something like Japanese yukata (jinbei).
How Japan, which makes good use of traditional clothes, commercializes it
How to distribute
What is the price range
I've been researching through market research three times.

Designer Hwang Seul-sul has visited Japanese kimono shops and yukata shops since 2016.
I analyzed why yukata became popular.
It was interpreted as diversity.

Kimonos for dress that are sold over 10 million won in department stores are hanging.
There are also kimono and yukata shops on luxury streets.
There was also a 30,000 won yukata for tourists in the tourist spot.
In a word, there were a variety of styles, prices, and distributors that could be worn for each situation.

So, it was easy to access because the distribution patterns were also diverse.
In order to popularize Hanbok, I thought it needed this variety and low threshold.
So what came out is Papa Hanbok.
Hanbok, worn by grandpas and students!
Japan consuming traditional clothes in a variety of ways
Aren't you just thinking,'Good, envy'?
We can do it too.
Wearing Hanbok! Start today!
There are three colors: white, black and blue

Men (Left) Height 180cm Weight 80kg / Jeogori M Wearing Pants M Wearing
Women's (Center) Height 156 cm Weight 52 kg / Jeogori S Wear Pants S Wear
Women's (right) Height 163cm Weight 67kg / Jeogori S Wear Pants M Wear
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White jersey combination

White is the color that comes up with the nickname of the Korean white race.
The true fashion is all-white!
If you want a clean look, try mixing different colored pants with a white jacket.
Female Model Height 159cm / 43kg / Jeogori S Wear / Pants S Wear
Male model height 180cm / 75kg / Jeogori M wear / Pants M wear
The above picture is a filter-corrected image, and there is a color difference from the actual one. Please refer to the detail picture
Does it look comfortable? Yes it's really easy! I asked how it felt and style!!
He said he was comfortable but never lags behind the latest trends!
Black jersey combination
Chic. If you want a sophisticated feel in the city center, it is black!
It is an invincible combination that will not fail when you wear any clothes. If you like the street feel as usual, Black is recommended!
Blue jeogori combination
The calm blue color is the best color for summer. It is an unusual color.
Wear a white plain t-shirt as an inner and wear it like a model!
Another style is created.
He is actually a man in the mid 50s.
Give a style to the wool dad, wool mom, professor, and teacher who love life hanbok!
Height 178cm/ Mid 50's Male
Jeogori L Wear / Pants L Wear
Testimonials: You look young and cool! Both up and down were generous and cool.
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# When meditating, yoga or exercising
#When you go out
#Recreation Forest, Healing Center Experience Clothes, Training Clothes
#Store uniform
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Corona 19's social distance has increased the number of hours of stay at home throughout the golden holidays and weekends.
Then try this National Hanbok [Papa Hanbok]! It is the best compatibility!!!!
The above picture is a filter-corrected image, and there is a color difference from the actual one. Please refer to the detail picture
Do you remember the linen clothes worn by the grandfather and grandmother? The very same clothes you wore with glue.
The design was inspired by ramie clothes.
So I named it Papa Jeogori and Papa Pants in the sense of clothes worn by his grandfather.
The Papa series consists of three types: tops, shorts and long pants.
Idea sketch of comfortable hanbok worn at home through brainstorming
Steps in which a concrete form is drawn with a schematic drawing
Steps to complete the concept and style of home wear for summer
Yes, I agree with that. In reality, if the price is high, you can't buy it.
To be a national hanbok, it has to be a popular price.
Yukata and Jinbei range from tens of thousands of won to hundreds of thousands of won in souvenir shops in tourist spots.
There are also 30,000 won, but when I asked my Japanese friends
At least 100,000 won can be worn for a long time
Too cheap, I only wear once or twice
Considering the quality, Riesle's target price was 100,000 won.
There are many factors in determining the cost of clothes. Fabrics and labor (stitching costs) are the biggest ones.
How to lower fabric and labor! It is made in large quantities.
This project is aiming at more than 500 suits. It's based on that price.
Please let us know so that this funding can succeed.
I was looking for a production plant that would secure 500 pieces of water and match production at a reasonable price.
This price couldn't be met at this factory in Ristle.
Then, like a miracle, I met Kim Byeong-gil, a direct producer of the 1st generation Korean traditional hanbok.
Does anyone in Korea know this hanbok?
These are what we made'
BTS, Lee Hyo-ri, Yoo Jae-seok, and other celebrities are also wearing this hanbok.
It is said that they have produced over 1 million pieces of life hanbok.
Since there are 50 million Koreans, there is one in every 50 people. Representative Kim Byeong-gil is said to be the second generation.
As it is an original factory made of hanbok, you know the experience and know-how without saying it?
We have secured low cost and high efficiency labor by using proven fabrics purchased in large quantities in advance.
So the price came out!
TIP. The sooner you fund, or the more you fund three, the greater the benefit. Experience shows that Super Early Bird runs out within 3 minutes.
Early Bird is expected to run out within 10 minutes of opening.

If you are funding 3 TIP prizes, please use the gift pack! Advantageous over early bird!
Funding more than 5 is the same as Super Early Bird.
UNIQLO, Jinbei, sold in places like Muji, are much cheaper?
In the case of large companies, they produce more than 100 times more than ours in Vietnam and China, and have much lower production costs.
We still lack the demand and capital to make that happen.
However, as it is the first attempt of the national hanbok, we tried to achieve a similar price as much as possible by reducing margin and distribution!

* Material used: 100% cotton
* Washing: Wash lukewarm water with a neutral detergent. Washing machine available
* Jeogori: Center fastening, hidden button type, 2 front pockets
* There is a thigh next to the jeogori
* Weight 160g (based on s size)
Collar central hidden snap button

* Material used: 100% cotton
* Washing: Wash lukewarm water with a neutral detergent. Washing machine available
* Full rubber band at the waist, front and back line decoration (flooring)
* Side trim pocket
* Shorts weight 130g (based on s size) / Long pants weight 210g (based on s size)
3 shorts
3 long pants
There are two factors that determine the tightness of the neck. Feather height and neck width!
① Make the height of the feather 1/2 of that of Leeshal's life hanbok.
② The neck width is 2cm wide.
In other words, the degree of covering the neck was lowered, and the neck was expanded to minimize the area where the feather touched the neck.
(Left) before change / (right) after change
The most unique element in traditional pants is this floor.
It is a name that means a side piece that goes from front to back.
It is the most different factor from the pattern of making western pants.
Using this floor design, I divided it into six panels to design the pants.
The product you are showing right now is not available to order now.
You can order from the Wadiz website at 14:00 on June 11!
Set the alarm for the cell phone clock.

Due to past funding experience, the ready quantity will be sold out within 5 minutes of opening.
If you log in later, there is no quantity.
If you have to watch slowly and choose
So I will show you in advance!!!!!

Honey tip! Order from quantity in advance, and modify color options later!
#Women wear cut
Height 156cm / 52kg / Jeogori [Black] S + Shorts [Black]S wear
Testimonials: I am 26 inches in waist, but I wear 28 ready-made pants because my thighs are thick.
The small size pants also had very loose waist, so there was no stiffness in the stomach, and there was room for thighs.

Height 163cm / 44kg / Jeogori [White] S + Shorts [White]S wear
Testimonials: Very comfortable fit and comfortable! I don't think there's anything else to worry about when I go out for a second now!
Height 163cm / 44kg / Jeogori [Black] S + Long pants [Black]S wearing
Testimonials: Because it is a stylish black, I think I can wear it well as an outing!
Height 163cm / 67kg / Jeogori [White] S + Shorts [Black] M wear
Testimonials: You can wear it comfortably at home, but you can wear it comfortably outside, so I think I will keep wearing it!
I usually have a waist of 29 inches, but the size M pants fit well. If you want to wear it large, we recommend L size pants!
The top was 66, but I could afford a small size jacket.
Height 163cm / 67kg / Jeogori [Black] M + Shorts [Black] M wear
Testimonials: You can wear it comfortably at home, but you can wear it comfortably outside, so I think I will keep wearing it!
I usually have a waist of 29 inches, but the size M pants fit well. If you want to wear it large, we recommend L size pants!
Height 168cm / 52kg / Jeogori [Black] S + Shorts [Black]S wear
Testimonials: Usually, I wear 44, s, but jeogoris are very pretty. The pants were a little loose and did not run down.
Height 158cm / 55kg / Jeogori [White] S + Long pants [White] S Wear
Testimonials: Usually I wear 55-66 and it fits very comfortably. These days, I thought I was uncomfortable because I gained weight on my stomach.
Height 165cm / 72kg / Jeogori [Blue] M + Shorts [Blue] L wear
Review: I usually wear 77. The medium size jacket and large size pants were very generous. The pants weren't running down.
If you like a generous size, we recommend L size pants.
#Male wear cut
Height 180cm / 80kg / Jeogori [Black] M + Long pants [Black]M
Testimonials: It was good to be able to wear it comfortably without worrying at home or outside!
The medium size was a regular size fit. If you want to wear oversized, we recommend L size!
Height 181cm / 83kg / Jeogori [Black]L + Shorts [White]L wear
Wearing reviews: M was right without wearing. However, for a comfortable fit, one size larger L is recommended.
Height 181cm / 83kg / Jeogori [Black]M + Shorts [White]M wear
Wearing reviews: M was right without wearing. However, for a comfortable fit, one size larger L is recommended.
Height 171cm / 65kg / Jeogori [Blue]L + Shorts [Blue]L wear
Testimonials: Usually I wear M, but when I wear M, it looks nice and nice with a little overfit, L is too big
Height 171cm / 65kg / Jeogori [Blue]L + Shorts [Blue]L wear
Testimonials: Usually I wear M, but when I wear M, it looks nice and nice with a little overfit, L is too big
Height 179cm / 76kg / Jeogori [White]L + Shorts [Black]L wear
Testimonials: I usually wear M, but when I wore M, it was just fine, not frustrating. This is a fit for purchase.
Height 179cm / 76kg / Jeogori [White]M + Long pants [Black]M wearing
Testimonials: I usually wear M, but when I wore M, it was just fine, not frustrating. This is a fit for purchase.

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Funding is produced by companies or individuals who need production funds by raising funds through funding.
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In simpler terms, think of it as a pre-paid post-production system.

That is why

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Because it is a system that promises and produces each other through pre-payment
You can find it cheaper than the regular price.
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4. It is difficult to exchange or refund after the funding deadline.
Cancellations and changes are possible within the funding period
After the funding deadline, production starts immediately.
Exchange and refund are difficult.
Try what color suits you!
You can try on which color suits you.

Start with TIP first, put on your clothes, and change the detailed options before the end of funding!
1st Risele Jeonju Head Office wear schedule June 11~24
Thistle Jeonju Head Office: 687 Dongbu-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do (1-minute walk from Jeonju Station) Operating Hours Mon-Sat 10-19pm Phone 070 4219 2293

2nd Riseul Hongdae Branch Schedule: June 11-24
Thistle Hongdae Branch: 136-11, Oulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (3 minutes on foot from #8 Hongik University) Operating Hours Mon-Sun 11:30-20:30 Phone 070 8793 2293

Since there is only one point of sample costume, you can try it on only when you go to the schedule.
If you do not go on time, be sure to check that it is difficult to wear!
Go for funding
Size information
5.Sleeve Width
Size information
Size information
-The above measurement size is'length of section'. please note.
-Depending on the measurement method, there may be an error of 1~3cm.
-Product color may be slightly different from the actual color depending on the resolution of the user's monitor.
-The color of the product cut is the most similar to the actual product color.
Wear information
Seasonspring fallSummerWinter
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
LiningUnlinedPartially LinedFully Lined
More Details
  • Material
    Cotton 100%
  • Wash Care
    • Dry CleanDry Clean
    • Hand Wash SeparatelyHand Wash Separately
    • Machine WashMachine Wash
    • Do Not BleachDo Not Bleach
  • Color
  • Manufacturer
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Country of Origin
  • A/S information and person in charge
    기본 (디폴트) 고객센터 / 070-4218-2293

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