Spring is Almost Here: 5 Looks For You

Spring is Almost Here: 5 Looks For You

Finally, after freezing for months, it seems like spring it’s closer and closer every day. That only means own thing: we can stop looking like penguins and start wearing pretty clothes (I’m not girly, you’re girly).

We took a look at all of our collections, plus a new colorful one that’s on the way, and we came up with 5 inspirational looks to own this spring like our personal runaway.

Let’s begin!

  1. The Little Red Skirt 

One of the best ways to look pretty while still being comfortable is a skirt. This one? Combine it with a simple t-shirt and a pair of tennis and you’re good to go. If you want to go for a more elegant look, change the snickers for some awesome high heels and you’ll have the most beautiful outfit of the place, I promise.

Nowadays, the most important thing about owning a piece of clothing is making sure that you’ll be able to play with it and combine it and use it in a million different ways. We don’t want something that is beautiful but you can only use two times in your life, right? This skirt is everything you’ve been looking for.

 2. The Carefree Girl

If you’re going more for a carefree look to go shopping or meeting with your friends, this dress is the one thing your closet is missing. You can style it with a t-shirt, a jacket, or any accessory really because is that kind of item that will look completely different just by adding a hat, a purse or a scarf. Just let your creativity and feelings do the job.

3. Colors + Colors

Are you a lover of styling beautiful colors together? Then the items of our new spring collections are just for you. This time we decided to go all for it with vibrant color combinations, like these red pants. I guess I don’t even have to explain all the amazing ways you can use these pants, either for a casual day or a fancy occasion.

Let’s not forget about the sweater. Use it with jeans, use it with a skirt or on top of a dress, you have in front of you a piece of gem that will spark a light in your look.

4. I’m Wearing My Student Hat Today

Throw a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, some snickers, and a jacket, and you have yourself a safe bet for any day. But what if the jacket is actually a beautiful-colorful-inspired from hanbok one? This item comes in a variety of shiny colors that add a whole lot of fun to any look. Check out the rest of the colors we offer and let me know what’s your favorite!

5. This Year I Will Not Be Afraid of Anything 

… and we mean it. These daring pants are for daring girls that are all for making a fashion statement. There’s nothing more to say about it.





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