Spring Time: 4 Must-Have Items for this Flowery Season

Spring Time: 4 Must-Have Items for this Flowery Season

At Leesle are super excited that spring finally decided to pay its annual visit. Here in Seoul, we were blessed with sunny weather after endless days of rain. However, it is still pretty chilly here. But hope says that soon it will be a lot warmer and we will finally be able to enjoy some picnics in the park and forget about those thick coats for at least half a year.

We hope that you are enjoying wonderful weather whatever you are right now. Also, we’d like to take this chance to invite you to come to Seoul for the Sakura Festival in April, where the cherry trees will finally blossom, making it a spectacle worthy of witnessing.

In the meantime, you can start building up your look with some of these must-have pieces of spring items that every girl needs to have in her closet.

Double-Sided Flower Waist Skirt

 What would be better than a regular skirt? Exactly, a multifunctional skirt! At Leesle we love to have options and you probably too. That is why the Double-Sided Flower Waist Skirt is so convenient. The outside has a beautiful flower pattern with tulle, however, you can also turn the skirt inside out.

This will leave you with a plain colored skirt, which is perfect if you want to wear a printed top. The skirt is available in the colors mint, sunrise, sea, apricot, glitter pink, and glitter gold. No matter what color you will wear, you will always feel like a princess.

Cherry Flower Jeogori

This adorable modern hanbok top is ideal for spring and it will look beautiful with anything you chose to pair it. The jeogori has cherry flower prints all over it with red details. As it is the upper part of a hanbok it will look perfect with a skirt in every color you can imagine. However, when you will be wearing it with some high waisted jeans it will extend the look of your legs.

Flower Sodam Cheolrik

 This dress has been made for people who want to look effortlessly good. Just hop into the dress and you will be good to go! The hanbok dress has a floral print and pink details around the collar and ribbon. This will make you Spring-ready and you will look cute no matter what.

It will be really comfortable in the spring and summer, as it is made of 60% cotton. While it can be a bit chilly in Spring, it will also look great with, for example, a leather jacket.

Promise Hairpin

 To finish every outfit off, the Promise Hairpin will be a great add on. In Joseon Dynasty the women used to wear a lot of these pins, with so many different designs. However, we made them more for like everyday use. It will complement your floral or plain outfits. The flowers are made of rope and they are available in blue, green, red, mustard, and pink.

We love to use anything with flower designs in the spring and we are willing to spread the love!

What are your thoughts on the prints and the new spring collection?








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