The Evolution of Leesle Through The Years

The Evolution of Leesle Through The Years

Did you know that Leesle’s 5th anniversary will be this year?

We started to sell clothing in 2014, but Leesle started the brand earlier as a one-woman brand, starting when she was in college. However, things change and so did the designs of the modern hanbok. Today, we would like to show you the style evolution of the spring and summer collections from 2014 to 2019, because a lot has changed since Leesle was created and you will definitely be able to spot the differences.

Shall we?


2014 SS Collection

The first collection that we ever made was with just a few items. We kept it simple and traditional. The collection was full of toned-down hanbok. It was easy to recognize the hanbok in the designs. The colors that we used were blues, browns, greens, whites, and black so that it would be easy to combine it with everything. The prints that we added were stripes and plaid, but for the most part, we liked to keep it simple and basic.


2015 SS Collection

 In 2015 we wanted to switch things up and also make the brand accessible for men. This collection was partially unisex, but we also added a few pieces of clothing just for men. We made pants that looked like the baji, which is the bottom part of the hanbok for men. We also made shorter hanbok skirts and we started to use some floral prints, however, we still kept it all very traditional so that you would be able to easily recognize the designs.

2016 SS Collection

 This season we took out all the bright colors from the rainbow and we weren’t intimidated to stand out. We added a lot of new designs to our arsenals like one-piece dresses, coats, and denim fabrics. We also started pairing the Leesle items with more casual things, for example, jeans and tennis skirts. This showed that the Leesle was very versatile and that it also looks great with items from your own closet. Lookbook available here. 

2017 SS Collection

For this collection, we got inspired by the movie Blue Lagoon and the blue lagoon in Iceland. Therefore, the main theme of the collection was the color blue and some soothing patterns. Leesle wanted to make something that would be highly sensitive, modern and suitable for outdoor activities. We also created a larger selection for men, such as shirts and coats. Enjoy the designs here. 

2018 SS Collection

 Leesle got to do something really exciting for this season. The collection was brought to the runway! The designs were made with dark and natural colors, besides some beautiful red tones, if we may say so ourselves.

The collection was created to express the harmony of nature and people, with designs that would benefit people and the world. Natural and soft materials were used and created a calm point in the clothing. This was really the season of the modern hanbok. It was also the birth of the accessory collection, with bags, scarves, and norigae hangers.

Check out here the SS 2018 collection.

2019 SS Collection

 And of course, we cannot leave the current collection behind. We went all out for this season, with fully new designs, materials, colors, and patterns. The name of this collection is Dawn of a New Life”, which represents the hope that South and North will be reunited.  Inspired by the clothing of the military, it gave a completely new look to the modern hanbok.

So, were you able to see the evolution? What do you of Leesle’s collections these last years?

We think that change is a good thing because it will force us to think out of the box and create something completely new and innovative! Which season did you like the most and which items would you like to see with a comeback?





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