How To Guide: Stay Warm and Beautiful in Winter

How To Guide: Stay Warm and Beautiful in Winter

We know that staying warm, comfortable AND not looking like a penguin during the winter days, can be a real challenge. But we are real women as well, and we are ready to face these challenges with all the glam and attitude that characterizes us. We decide to take a deep look to our Three Colors Trilogy Collection from AW 18 because we found that a lot of the answers are to be found there.

The main colors of this collection are purple, white, and orange. During these dark winter days, there’s nothing we need more like a touch of colors and shine in our closet. So we present you with some of the most outstanding items of this collection. Trust me on this one, your winter days will be looking a lot different after this.

Let’s take a first look to the Jeogori Jacket:


Looks comfy, doesn’t it? This piece is 100% cotton, therefore it will definitely give you a soft and warm feeling. The jacket looks like a traditional hanbok and can be worn with a traditional or elegant skirt. It can also be styled modernly by wearing it for example with jeans or sneakers. This items definitely has the best of both worlds.

Now, let’s move on with the String Ribbon Skirt and the Ari Blouson. 

They are a match made in heaven. This pair creates a modern but elegant assemble. These pieces can be worn together, but they will look equally as good when they are matched with other items. Both these items look very modern, however, you can still see the details of the hanbok in it.

The skirt has a plaid pattern and has the ribbon of the traditional hanbok. The Ari Blouson is a very popular coat, due to the modern and sportive vibe it gives. This is the perfect opportunity to combine classic styles with a modern hanbok touch.

Now let’s take a little trip to Paris, with the Eiffel coat. 

This beauty’s made out of 80% wool and will truly keep you warm and toasty, even during the coldest days. The coat has a classy look that will make you feel so fancy in your daily life. The coat can be paired with almost everything. Just wear it with your regular bottoms, some boots or sneakers and you are good to go!

These are some of the ideas I had to try to keep myself warm and still looking good. I know that after a long winter, one can feel so bored with the same clothes, and layers and layers that help no one feel delicate or feminine.

If you have some ideas, please feel free to share with our little community. Every input helps.

See you soon!



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