Top 3 Coats to Look Fabulous this Winter (and Still Be Warm!)

Top 3 Coats to Look Fabulous this Winter (and Still Be Warm!)

It is finally December again. Christmas is coming and we are ready to be surrounded with love and lots of presents from the family and friends. But December also means that it’s winter and the cold is back as well. Today we are going to talk about the LEESLE winter collection and what is going to keep you warm during the cold winds of December.

To begin with, the Nobini Coat (FW 2018) is a coat that will keep you very warm during these days. The materials used for Nobini are:

  • Outshell: cotton 100%
  • Lining: polyester 100%
  • Filling: polyester 100%

As the materials show, this piece was specially made for the winter and to keep you very warm. The bust section is 70cm and the total length of the coat is 116cm. The coat is available in the colors black, white and yellow. This item is very popular and was even shown on Vogue Magazine, which gave it a huge boost, but is now in stock again for this season.

Below is shown a picture of the coat:

Nobini coat- White

Secondly, the Seondam Coat in the color charcoal is recommended highly for these days. This coat can be worn by both men and female, and even though the color knot waistband is sold separately, the basic sky color is included.

This item is very hanbok based and perfect for the winter because it’s made 60% out of wool. This will keep the body very warm. Moreover, the design was inspired by the Korean traditional top called the Jeogori but fully adapted to the modern hanbok trend.

Check it out below:

Seondam Coat- Charcoal

Can you see the perfect mix between the Korean classic custom and a modern coat that goes with everything?

Moving forward, we have the Women’s Asymmetry Over Coat in the color navy. This coat is very special because while it’s very casual, is also very classy and sophisticated. This coat is specially made for the winter and exists 90% out of wool. This coat will keep you warm during very cold winter days. You can wear it with different looks, as it pretty much goes with everything. This one is also based on the Korean traditional top, and the total length of the coat is 105cm.

Women’s Asymmetry Over Coat

These are just a few examples of my personal LEESLe favorites for these cold days of winter! You can have a look on the website https://leesle.kr for much more looks and the new collection.

Since it’s Christmas and presents are a must, LEESLE has a special gift for its family! Be on time because we have a special X-MAS coupon waiting for you on the website. Valid until December 31st.




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