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Bon Durumagi Short [Cream]

Bon Durumagi Short [Cream]
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Bon Durumagi Short [Cream]
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winter clothes? Let's go crazy with one roll of hanbok.
Bone scroll short
accessories model image-S55L4
accessories product image-S55L5
accessories product image-S55L6

Hello Reslers! I'm 'Liseul', an older sister with perfect styling skills.
did you wait long?
Hanbok is the trend these days, but don’t you feel reluctant to wear it?
I bought the wrong one and I'm afraid I won't be able to wear it a few times.

There are so many and diverse brands... Those who are lost and don't know what to buy
For Hanrin (children in hanbok), we have prepared an item that can be worn as a basic item!
It is a highly recommended item for an incumbent designer who has actually worn hanbok for over 7 years.
I'm sure it will be a school uniform this winter. Follow me.
accessories white color image-S55L8
accessories product image-S55L7
accessories product image-S55L9
accessories white color image-S55L10
[Model wearing information]
Female: 171cm tall, size 55, both wearing S
Male: Height 180cm, Top 100, Bone scroll M, L alternately worn
※ M size fit the male model well.
[Women] Short styling
accessories model image-S55L11
accessories model image-S55L12
accessories model image-S68L1
accessories model image-S68L2
accessories model image-S68L3
accessories model image-S68L4
accessories model image-S68L5
accessories model image-S68L6
accessories model image-S68L7
accessories model image-S68L8
accessories model image-S68L9
accessories model image-S68L14
[Men] Short styling
accessories model image-S55L20
accessories model image-S55L23
accessories model image-S68L18
accessories model image-S68L19
accessories model image-S68L20
accessories model image-S68L21
accessories model image-S68L27
accessories model image-S68L26
accessories white color image-S55L27
accessories product image-S55L28
It's hard to wear if you fill your wardrobe with only the styles that are trending or trending right now.
You know that basic items that can be matched with fancy clothes are more important, right?

The most basic of hanbok coats is, of course, a scroll.
There are no other decorations besides the collar, goreum, and sympathy, so it is proud of its simplicity.
What is simple? It's perfect to wear this outfit to that outfit!
accessories product image-S55L30
Lisle's book scroll series
You can coordinate with 4 different styles.
Basic / Hipster / Formal / Traditional

ruler! Let's see how to wear it now.
accessories model image-S55L32
Basic look coordination information

01. White tee + sweatshirt + long blue skirt + long bone scroll [cream]
02. White tee + hooded zip-up + jogger pants + bone scroll short [Black]
03. Hood + Wide Jeans + Bon Scroll Long [Cream]
04. Neck pole knit + Straight fit jeans + Bone scroll short [Black]

accessories model image-S55L34
Hipster Look Coordination Information

01. Neck pole + Traditional patterned top + Short skirt + Bon scroll long [Black]
02. Neck pole + Colored hooded knit + Cargo pants + Bon scroll short [Cream]
03. Collar + Short Vest + Color Golden Pants + Bon Scroll Short [Cream]
04. Dangara Knit + Leather Pants + Bon Scroll Short [Black]

accessories model image-S55L36
Formal Look Coordination Information

01. Shirt + lightweight padding + cotton pants + bone scroll short [cream]
02. Neck pole + Tweed jacket + Pleated skirt + Bone scroll short [Cream]
03. Neck pole + vest + jacket + slacks + bone scroll short [Black]
04. Shirt + Jacket + Denim Pants + Bon Scroll Short [Black]
accessories model image-S55L38
Traditional Look Coordination Information

01. Neck pole + Hanbok dress + Jeogori + Bon scroll long [cream]
02. Jeogori + Hanbok dress + phoenix pattern waist belt + Bon scroll long [Black]
03. Shirt jacket + Hanbok pants + Kwaeja vest + Phoenix pattern belt + Bon scroll long [cream]
04. Neck pole + Shirt jeogori + Hanbok pants + Colored scroll + Norigae + Bone scroll short [Black]

It is okay to change the clothes worn inside with other clothes with similar patterns or shapes.
Do you have at least one dress, jeans, and shirt?
As an item that everyone has
The fact that you can wear it in so many different ways!
[Model wearing information]
Female: 171cm tall, size 55, both wearing S
Male: Height 180cm, Top 100, Bone scroll M, L alternately worn
※ M size fit the male model well.
accessories product image-S55L41
Have you seen a lot of scrolls like this?
T-shirts that look similar
From a few thousand won to several hundred thousand won.

Do you know why there is such a difference?
It's because of the details.

Do you know what Lisle's nickname is?
It's a basic home.

So far, we have accumulated more than 100,000 Hanboks.
Numerous data and pattern know-how will tell you.

Do you sew one more seam or not?
Whether or not to cut the angle of the neckline by 5mm

These seemingly insignificant differences add up,
Wearing it makes a big difference.
accessories charcoal color image-S55L44
accessories product image-S55L45
Could it be... two sides? yes. both sides

I bought it because it said it was double sided, but the pattern on one side was vague.
There were many cases where one side was not worn?

These clothes are the same color, but the material and texture are different.
Change the mood!
It's the same black, but one side is padded material + plain black
One side is a cotton material with a wild feel + quilted pattern, so the atmosphere can be reversed.

accessories detail image-S55L47
<When worn on the quilted side = cotton + quilted stripes + square pocket>
accessories detail image-S55L49
<When worn inside out = padding material + plain pattern + welt pocket>
so you can wear it freely
The size label and washing label are hidden in the pocket.

The good thing about being double sided
You can get 2 effects with 1 layer

Is it really a great deal?
accessories model image-S57L8
Since the reversible jacket uses outer fabric-outer fabric,
material cost is higher.
The inside is sewn at the same level as the outer fabric.
Production time is increased by 1.5 times.

By the way
The average price of existing Lisl winter coats is around 340,000 won → 170,000 won.
double sided? Almost a 50% or more price benefit.
Seriously, isn't it a crazy value product?

Considering the production cost, it should be more than twice the price, but
With minimal margin for popularization of winter hanbok
Don't miss out on Tumblbug funding.

does it end here? no.
accessories white color image-S57L10
4 oz thick, directly quilted cotton

(Left) Cotton jackets on the market use Western-style diamond quilting.
It seems that there are many off-the-shelf products, so it is easy to find.
However, the ready-made products had too thin a cotton thickness.

(Right) Lisle's original scroll is quilted in vertical lines
The shape is also Korean.
I also raised the thickness of the cotton to suit my taste!
accessories detail image-S57L12
<This scroll is warm enough because it is quilted with 4oz cotton>
accessories model image-S57L15
Expensive to keep the traditional look
I paid attention to the thickness of the cotton as well as the vertical stripes.

Thick padding that is too inflated
It's burdensome to make you look short and tall.
Gom-tang fit ㅠㅠ No way

If the cotton is quilted too thin, it loses its thermal insulation power.
If the cotton is quilted too thickly, the activity will decrease.
just the right thickness. I quilted it with 4 oz.

2 ounces for normal outerwear, lightweight padding.
This scroll is 4 ounces.
That's twice as much!
accessories product image-S57L17
Have you ever tried on a hanbok and felt your throat suffocate?
There are some that bother me because I can see the neck and breastbone.

The most difficult part of hanbok to make is the collar.
Even if the height and angle of the collar are distorted by just 1 degree,
The neck is stuffy or too loose, making it uncomfortable.
Even technicians with more than 10 years of experience say that removing this collar is the most difficult.
accessories product image-S57L19
You know that when your throat is sore, your whole body is cold, right?

Raise the back neck by 1 cm from the average collar
The front is lowered by 1cm to give a natural roll.
I designed the pattern in detail to block the winter wind.
accessories detail image-S57L21
Then, when viewed from the front, the collar is not a square rectangle.
It forms a gently curved trapezoid.
This is the Miya of the curve of the hanbok, which is commonly referred to

For these few millimeters, while slowing down in the sewing phase
I have no choice but to drive it slowly and carefully, but there is no choice but to make a difference in quality.

Whoops. how is it?
It's these details that just can't be conveyed in photos that you can see with your eyes.
Can you feel it?
If there are clothes that burn after wearing
Is there any clothes that don't come out of the womb? This is the difference in details
accessories product image-S57L24
Nice design, nice detail.
It's all good... but if the size doesn't fit, boom!
Have you ever bought this after seeing model shots?

To be able to wear it every day,
Above all, it must fit your body type.
accessories white color image-S57L26
<Comparison of the size of the original sample and the final product. I drastically shortened it and changed it to a pretty fit>
6 options for each body type, not one size

Even when I first planned it, it was originally a one-size-fits-all.
Because it is the creator's point of view
It's easy to make.

But when I tried the sample...
OK for a 66 but too big for a 55
Due to the nature of thick winter clothes, if you want to cover all sizes with one size
The clothes became ridiculously big ㅠㅠ

After worrying about it 100 times... in the end
I gave up on the one size and made it in three sizes.
Despite the difficulties of production and management
Because all sizes should be able to wear it with a nice fit.
accessories product image-S57L29
accessories product image-S62L2
▼ height 160 cm / usual size 66 / S recommended
accessories model image-S62L3
Women's size 44-S recommended.
I got a size S, so it was an overfit, but the sleeve length fit well.
M and L sizes have excessively long sleeves, and the fit is difficult to handle.
If you have a similar physique to me, I recommend that you order a size S.
▼ height 160 cm / usual size 66 / S recommended
accessories model image-S57L31
accessories model image-S57L35
Women's 66 half size-S recommended.
I wore black short and cream long. We recommend size S for both short and long! Even if you wear it over a thick winter knit + padded vest, it was plenty of size S!
I usually wear a lot of inners and outerwear in winter, so I wear it even if it's a lot bigger, but this product is enough to wear a size S!
The M size is very roomy, so if you want to wear it roughly with a completely overfit... you can wear it, but the arms are too long for me, so I don't think I'll buy it. I don't think I would buy the M or L sizes unless the S size is out of stock!
▼ height 165 cm / usual 88 size / M recommended
accessories model image-S57L33
accessories model image-S57L37
Women's size 88- M recommended.
I wore black short and cream long. We recommend a size M for both short and long. Size S was loose fit and was perfect. The sleeves seem a bit short.
The M size was a moderately relaxed fit, so it was good enough to wear a lot as an inner.
The L size was too long for the sleeves as well as the width, so it looked stupid. I would choose S size if the sleeves were a little long, but I think I would choose M size with room to spare. Despite being a quilted garment, overall it was nice because it was so light and soft, and I especially liked it because it was double sided.
After making 3 sizes...
A tall acquaintance does that.
When he buys clothes every day, he says he can't buy short ones because he's not good enough.

Oh my gosh!
I was worried again... Should I do something long or not?
In the end, I decided to make a long one!
You can choose one of the short or long options according to your body type.
Wear it according to your size, not one size.
accessories product image-S57L50
Oh, one thing.
When I did the funding, there were many people who ordered large clothes and asked me to change them.
Because there are three types of SM and L
There were a lot of people who thought of normal women's clothes and ordered M.

Since it says S, I thought it would be small, so I bought it big on purpose.
S is also a generous overfit
Please keep this in mind when choosing your size
accessories white color image-S57L60
Bon Scroll Short [Cream] S, M, L
accessories product image-S57L61
accessories detail image-S57L62
Bon Scroll Short [Black] S, M, L
accessories product image-S57L65
accessories detail image-S57L66
o Material: Quilted cotton - 100% cotton / Plain cotton - 100% polyester / Filling material - 100% cotton polyester

o Weight: S 590g / M 650g / L 710g
accessories detail image-S59L1
(Left) A phenomenon in which the fabric is separated from cotton and pushed (Right) A phenomenon in which the inner fabric is pushed out when turned upside down

The fabric is fixed on the quilted side, but the opposite side is separated from the cotton.
When you wear it, cotton and fabric are separated, so there is fluidity. It is a natural phenomenon that wrinkles appear as if being pushed.
Since this scroll is made on both sides, some of the fabric may come out from the back when worn. Please note.
accessories white color image-S64L2
accessories white color image-S57L67
size information
- As a cotton product, there may be 2-4% shrinkage after washing.
- The measured size above is the 'section length', and the unit is CM.
- The size may have an error of 1-3 cm depending on the measurement method.
- Slight weight difference may occur.
- The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color depending on the resolution of the user's monitor.
- The color of the product cut is most similar to the actual product color.
- Be sure to avoid using a dryer.
- Do not wash by mixing with other colored fabrics as it may cause water loss or color migration.
- Do not use hot water. Wash in cold to lukewarm water.
- In the case of black, the initial 1-3 times of washing may not wash out and fine dye may be lost.
- Do not soak in water for a long time. Dry immediately after washing.
- Do not dehydrate by twisting as strongly as possible. Be sure to use a laundry net when machine spin-drying.
- Bleach such as lacquer may cause yellowing of white fabric.
Wear information
Seasonspring fallSummerWinter
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
LiningUnlinedPartially LinedFully Lined
More Details
Outshell : Cotton 100% Lining : Polyester 100% Filler : Polyester 100%
Wash Care
  • Dry cleanDry clean
  • Do Not WringDo Not Wring
  • Do Not BleachDo Not Bleach
  • Do not use dryerDo not use dryer
black, cream
Country of Origin
A/S information and person in charge
기본 (디폴트) 고객센터/070-4218-2293
Date of Manufacture


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