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Ylang Short Sleeve Hanbok Dress [8 Types]

Ylang Short Sleeve Hanbok Dress [8 Types]
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Ylang Short Sleeve Hanbok Dress [8 Types]
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Ylang Short Sleeve Hanbok Dress (8 Colors)

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long dress model image-S108L1

There are many pretty dresses in the world.
There's another dress that looks good on you!

Color recipe for you, Ylang Hanbok dress.

long dress model image-S111L1
With a personalized color recipe,
An upgraded ylang hanbok dress.
Here we go.
long dress white color image-S103L2
long dress product image-S110L2
long dress model image-S110L1
long dress sky blue color image-S98L1
long dress sky blue color image-S98L2
long dress product image-S101L1
long dress sky blue color image-S98L5
long dress model image-S111L2
Model: 165 cm 46 kg

long dress model image-S101L5
long dress model image-S108L4
long dress model image-S101L4
long dress detail image-S108L5
long dress model image-S101L2
long dress model image-S108L53

[Pink flower]
Model: 165 cm 46 kg

long dress model image-S108L7
long dress model image-S108L6
long dress model image-S108L10
long dress model image-S108L9
long dress model image-S108L8
The actual product color may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications.

long dress model image-S108L54
[Mint] Model: 165 cm 46 kg

long dress model image-S108L14
long dress model image-S108L13
long dress model image-S108L15
long dress model image-S108L17
long dress model image-S108L16
long dress model image-S108L55
[Sky Flower] Model: 165 cm 46 kg

long dress model image-S101L7
long dress model image-S101L8
long dress model image-S101L9
long dress model image-S108L56


Model: 165 cm 46 kg
Product coordinated with: Leaseul flower hanging [Black (silver
long dress model image-S108L20
long dress model image-S108L21
long dress model image-S108L22
long dress model image-S108L23
long dress model image-S108L57

[Green flowers]
Model: 165 cm 46 kg

long dress model image-S101L12
long dress model image-S101L13
long dress model image-S101L14
The actual product color may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications.

long dress model image-S108L58
[Navy] Model: 165 cm 46 kg

long dress model image-S108L26
long dress model image-S108L27
long dress model image-S108L28
long dress detail image-S108L31
long dress model image-S108L29
long dress product image-S108L30
long dress detail image-S111L3
[Black flower]
Model: 165 cm 46 kg
Product coordinated with: Leaseul flower hanging [Yeondu]

long dress model image-S101L16
long dress model image-S101L17
long dress model image-S101L18
The actual product color may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications.
Model: Height 163 cm 44–55

long dress model image-S108L44
long dress model image-S108L45
long dress model image-S108L46
long dress model image-S108L38
long dress model image-S108L39
long dress model image-S108L41
long dress model image-S108L42
Model: 164 cm 46 kg
Product coordinated together: Lysl's earwax knot Sake belt
long dress model image-S111L9
long dress model image-S111L6
long dress model image-S111L7
long dress sky blue color image-S98L3
long dress product image-S108L59
long dress product image-S101L19

Until now, this was how I chose colors.

Intuitively, I chose colors that look pretty or colors that look good.

As a result, I liked the design, but I couldn't choose because I didn't like the color.

"I don't look good in this color. Is there anything toned down?"

'A brighter tone fits me, but...There are only dark things.’

long dress model image-S108L47

A color expert has stepped up to solve this problem.

17 years of experience in fashion design and an adjunct professor.

The colorist carefully selected eight colors.

long dress product image-S103L4
long dress product image-S101L20

If you look at the reviews that have been posted, there are a lot of these contents.

"Everyone thought it was just a dress. Is that hanbok?"It got on me."

"People who looked at me thoughtlessly said that it was like hanbok. It's unique."

long dress model image-S108L50

I don't think Ylang Hanbok dress is Hanbok.

So that you can enjoy the beauty of hanbok in your daily life,

It is a new concept of life hanbok made with the collar, pus, and sympathy of hanbok.

long dress product image-S101L22

The upper body contains the elements of hanbok.

The waist and skirt parts are unique with chiffon dress elements.

If you love traditional culture, but you don't feel comfortable wearing hanbok,

Try on the Ylang hanbok dress.

It kills two birds with one stone because it practices love for hanbok and has a style.

long dress product image-S101L23

Dresses are the thing I touch the most in the summer!

This is because you can complete the style with one style without having to coordinate the top and bottom separately.

long dress model image-S103L5

Dresses are the thing I touch the most in the summer!

This is because you can complete the style with one style without having to coordinate the top and bottom separately.

The ylang dress is easy.

If you flip it over and wear it, it's done.

It's the best item that makes you say, "Wow, you're dressed up today."

long dress model image-S108L48

I recommend it to people like this.

1. Traveling
2. Date, Outing
3. Wedding
4. Workplace

long dress model image-S108L61
long dress model image-S113L1
This clothing manufacturer is strongly recommended.

Make sure to wear it when you travel.Wear it twice.

Especially red!

"What's this? Why does this picture come out so well?"

You're going to say this 100 times.I strongly recommend it.

The pictures come out really well.
long dress product image-S101L25

It's annoying when you sweat and your clothes stick to your body in the hot summer.

The Ylang Hanbok dress uses a cool pleated chiffon that boasts comfort even in the summer.

long dress oatmeal color image-S103L6

You all know that chiffon is light, smooth, and cold, right?

I wrinkled the chiffon to make bumps.

The unevenness minimizes the area that touches the skin and the fabric, allowing you to feel a much cooler texture.

It doesn't stick to rough materials.

long dress detail image-S108L63

One more thing!

It's cool on the outside, but it's hot on the inside, and it's the worst if it's a sweaty lining.

It is not a Dahuda material that dries up on the body without wind, but uses a soft stretch function lining while absorbing sweat well to deliver comfort twice.

long dress model image-S114L1
long dress product image-S107L1

You're worried about the size?Ylang goes on!You can wear it from 44 to 88 with the stretchy rubber smoke waistband!

long dress model image-S103L7

A magic dress that you can wear with your mom and sister!

Won't it fit?If you were hesitant to give clothes!
Ilang Hanbok dress is perfect.

Give ylang hanbok dress to your beloved mother, girlfriend, and sister!

long dress model image-S108L66
I put a rubber band in the waist using a technique called smoke.For small sizes, the upper body is naturally wrinkled while holding the waist, and for chubby sizes, the size increases accordingly.Stretch up to 64cm (128 circumference) in cross section!But if the skirt width is small, there will be a limit to stretching, right?The skirt hem of the ylang dress is 200cm around and is full.
long dress model image-S108L67
long dress detail image-S98L6
Jade: 155cm 40kg 44size

long dress model image-S100L3
Bear paper: 156cm 67kg 66 1/2 size

long dress model image-S100L2
Seju: 160cm 68kg 66 and a half-77 size

long dress model image-S100L1
쏭 : 165cm 80kg 88size

long dress model image-S113L3
Hwang PD: 167cm 52kg 55size

long dress model image-S105L1
long dress model image-S102L1
long dress -S124L3

1. Red

long dress red color image-S108L68
long dress red color image-S99L2
long dress detail image-S99L3
2. Pink flowers

long dress baby pink color image-S100L15
long dress baby pink color image-S100L14
long dress detail image-S100L16
3. Mint

long dress white color image-S99L4
long dress mint color image-S99L5
long dress detail image-S99L6
4. Sky flower

long dress mint color image-S100L17
long dress mint color image-S100L18
long dress detail image-S100L19
5. Purple

long dress violet color image-S99L8
long dress violet color image-S99L9
long dress detail image-S99L10
6. Turquoise flowers

long dress deep blue color image-S100L20
long dress deep blue color image-S100L21
long dress detail image-S100L22

long dress navy blue color image-S99L11
long dress navy blue color image-S99L12
long dress detail image-S99L13
8. Black flowers

long dress charcoal color image-S100L23
long dress charcoal color image-S100L24
long dress detail image-S100L25

Material: 100% polyester

characteristic :
The measured size above is the 'section length', and the unit is CM.
The size may have an error of 1-3 cm depending on the measurement method.
Product color may differ slightly from actual color depending on the resolution of your monitor.
The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.
In the case of dark colors, do not soak in hot water and detergent for a long time as it may cause water loss or discoloration.

When you stretch your waist,
It has been extended to a maximum of 52 centimeters.You can wear it up to 105cm around the chest, but it may look different from the model.
long dress sky blue color image-S98L9

Q. How should I choose the size?

A. Ylang Hanbok dress is one-size fits all.You can wear it in one size from 44 to 88.

Q. The size is between 88 and 99. Can I wear it?

A. Some of the people who visited the store and tried it out were 88 class and 99.It is made of sufficiently stretchable material, so it is possible to wear 110 around the chest, but there were times when it was uncomfortable to wear.Depending on whether your chest is large or not, the wearing status also changed.If you are in size 88 and 99, we recommend you to try it on.

Q. Can you really cover all sizes?

A. There will be no such thing as perfect clothes for everyone.Through many people's reviews and trials, it was confirmed that people with a bust size of 100cm wear it casually.Whether it is a pretty fit when worn, not just whether it is wearable, can vary depending on height, bust, and shoulder.There was also an opinion that the rubber band was attached to the chest according to the body shape, so the style was not pretty.Some people are satisfied with the fit even if they have a similar body shape, and others are not.Funding is different from shopping, so it is difficult to return it simply by changing your mind.We fully understand these limitations and are testing them for supporters, so we recommend you to check them in person and check the fit.

Q. Is it possible to make it long because it is tall?

A. I'm sorry.It is difficult to adjust the size.This is because we aim to make a reasonable price by making it in the form of ready-made clothes.

Q. Is it possible to make it short because it is short?

A. We recommend that you personally repair the item after receiving the reward.It can be repaired at a general repair shop.If you only cut the hem of the skirt, we recommend cutting up to 5cm, and if you want to cut more than that, we recommend cutting the shirring connection and cutting the top and bottom at the same time.

Q. Do you have a pocket?

A. I don't have a pocket.

Q. What are the after-sales service policies?

A. If accessories or additional fabrics are required depending on the type of A/S, a paid repair will be carried out.You can contact us through Liseul Kakao Talk.

Q. What should I do if I receive a defect reward?

A. This product is made through human hands, so you may sometimes receive defective products.Please send me a message through Kakao Talk regarding the suspected defect.
If it's defective, we'll exchange it.

If it's not defective
Unremoved seams that can be removed with scissors
Irregular stitches less than 1 inch
1~2cm error from the announced actual size (there is a difference depending on the person who measures it)
Manual error within 5mm

long dress -S124L2
long dress white color image-S99L7
size information
Sleeve Width
The actual size above is 'the length of the cross section' and the unit is CM.
There may be a 1–3 cm error in size depending on the measurement method.
The color of the product may vary slightly from the actual color depending on the resolution of your monitor.
The color of the product cut is most similar to the actual product color.
Do not soak in hot water or detergent for a long time because dark colors can cause water loss or stains.

When you stretch your waistband,
It stretches up to 52cm.You can wear it up to 105cm around the chest, but it may look different from the model.
Wear information
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
LiningUnlinedPartially LinedFully Lined
More Details
Polyester 100%
Wash Care
  • Hand Wash SeparatelyHand Wash Separately
  • Machine WashMachine Wash
  • Do Not BleachDo Not Bleach
  • Do not use dryerDo not use dryer
Country of Origin
A/S information and person in charge
기본 (디폴트) 고객센터/070-4218-2293


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